25th March 2021

A shift in mindset

With the incredibly challenging year gradually drifting behind us, businesses are clearly thinking about the best way of moving forward in a world that has significantly changed and continues to change.

For the wise, they understand the saying “Change is the only constant”.

For most of us however, the extent, and the pace of those changes have been more significant than anticipated.

Therefore, we must quickly adapt to these changes if we intend to progress successfully – “if we fail to adapt, we fail to go forward”.

One thing is for sure “If we change nothing, nothing will change”.

For this reason, I believe that there will need to be a real ‘shift in mindset’ for many business leaders.

The willingness to have a ‘change of mindset’ will vary with each person, but I am reminded of the well-known saying –

“You won’t change your circumstances if you don’t change your mind”.

So, a shift in mindset is a critical ingredient in adapting to change. As many of us will have noted – “If you change your mind, you can change your life”.

Having been a Marketer for over 40 years, I have certainly learnt the value of the statement – “Old ways won’t open new doors”.

If we are willing to be open to new ways, and to embrace a ‘shift in mindset’, then we can positively go forward, with the vital mandate: –

  • Identify change.
  • Embrace change.
  • Implement change.
  • Adapt to change.

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