24th June 2021

The key to growth in challenging times

The most proven method of growing your business through challenging times is a well-documented process. This process has proven itself repeatedly, and no more so than during the pandemic and the current fall-out, as we emerge from it.

What is the key?

The answer is – ‘fervently target new business’!

If a company is 10% down on sales, it just needs 10% new business to bridge the gap. If it is 20% down, then 20% new business is needed, and so on.

The message is simple – ‘new business’ delivers growth throughout difficult trading times – recessions and pandemics alike.

The ’fear driven’ reaction of retracting marketing activity helps feed an uncontrollable downward spiral that becomes very difficult to reverse and recover from.

The feedback from recent discussions continues to validate this key process. The clients that have continued to actively market themselves positively right throughout this recent pandemic period have replenished the turnover deficit gap quickly, and for many clients, they have reaped much more besides.

It does take the brave to be committed to being highly active during difficult times, but the rewards are high, and the smile quickly engages when you see that that critical ’new business’ filling the order books.

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