24th February 2021

Don’t settle for ‘sameness’

A lot of businesses choose to make the same decisions, to listen to the same voice, to do the same thing – they are stuck on the same track as everyone else. It’s so easy, and so comfortable to get the content writer to write the same message, resource the same image, and follow the same course of action. The result? We just become hidden in the boring world of ‘sameness’.

Many business owners may be happy to follow the norm, because they feel safe there – blending in with the others. They are happy to be followers, very few are bold enough to lead!

As a marketer this poses a big question, why blend in when you can stand out?

We do not have to be outrageous to stand out. We don’t have to be wrong to stand out, nor do we need to shock to stand out – simply different, and different in a good way, a positive way. We just need to have the courage to change how we do things.

Old ways do not open new doors, so we need to be willing to chart a different course.

If you let the wind of norm take you wherever it blows your competitors, you will soon disappear into ‘the sea of sameness’. The route to success rarely offers easy decisions. It will involve taking risks and making the strong decision to stand out and be different, but it is both exciting and rewarding – particularly when you win!

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