14th January 2021

Courage changes everything

Courage does indeed change everything. It changes the way that we view things, it can change our course in life, and it can certainly change our destiny.

In the current climate it is so easy to react with fear, and to get in the mode of ‘waiting’ for things to pass, rather than having the courage to get in the mode of ‘doing’ what is necessary to go forward – it’s the ‘doing’ that delivers results!

Winston Churchill famously commented “Fear is a reaction – Courage is a decision.”

The trading climate is still open for business for those who have the courage to attack the market with confidence and conviction.

After many years in business, I have learnt some vital truths along the way, and many of those truths are encapsulated in a good number of well-known quotes that you will have seen me use on many occasions. I make no apology for happily reminding you of the phrase: –

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.”

Having the courage to go forward in a more difficult climate will certainly bring its reward in due course.

It is good to be motivated by a healthy desire for success, rather than entertaining the fear of failure – indeed, our desire for success must be greater than the fear of failure. It’s having the courage to commit to the goal that is one of the key foundations of success.

Most businesses begin by having the courage to start in the first place, albeit from small beginnings.

“The man that moves a mountain starts by carrying away small stones.”

David Antrobus Marketing is here and available to help you on your journey of growth – it just takes a little courage to get in touch!

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