27th May 2021

Always in demand

The demand for so many commodities has changed significantly over the past 18 months.

The demand for some products has urgently increased, creating a shortage of supply, while others have been shelved completely, creating major financial problems for many.

Substantial changes in the market can of course happen at any time, but when we encounter difficult recessions, and more recently a pandemic, this change in commodity requirements happens very quickly, and becomes much more severe.

It is a continual challenge to look at our product or service offering to see where the most resilient market is.

Despite these changes in commodity demand, there is one commodity that is always in demand, always appreciated, and always rewarded.

So, we enquire – what is this commodity that is always in demand?

The answer is simple – it is genuine and sincere Customer Service!

At a time when many are racing round trying to find an offering that is always in demand, how easy it is to forget the crucial offering of Customer Service, which is an absolute must.

Of course, good products and offerings, along with great marketing are critical ingredients; but when they are underpinned with passionate customer service and support, it really sets a company apart from the rest, and they are always the ‘go to’ companies for help and support in a crisis.

Data will always reveal that real customer service, rather than just the empty false promise of support, will not only result in a reputation that will continually gain new customers, it is also the finest pathway to high client retention and longevity.

This passionate commitment to high levels of customer service will cost a great deal less than many other much more expensive activities and comes with the additional bonus of having ‘no invoice’ from your suppliers – always a great result.

In short – passionately look after your customers, genuinely care about them and their company in a way that really matters, and you will never be short of work in the long run.

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