Might Oaks

15th October 2020

Mighty oaks – from little acorns grow

The ‘Mighty oaks’ quote is a 14th Century old English proverb that has so much significance to many aspects of our everyday lives.

It inspires us never to give up, and to always remember that great things do indeed come from small beginnings.

Of course, we know that an oak tree is not ‘mighty’ overnight. It will have gone through many stages of growth, and it will have had many descriptions accredited to it during its lifetime – first the acorn, then a small shoot, followed by a sapling, a small tree, a large tree, and even a tall tree. All these stages are necessary before the tree is credited with the grand title of being ‘mighty’.

One thing is certain – the greatest of all the mighty oak trees have once been little acorns.

To enable this great process, the tree will have required necessary ingredients to enable this growth and development – such as sunshine, rain and good nutrients etc.

So now, let us examine our businesses, or even our ambitions. We may still be an acorn ready to shoot, we may be a sapling, or even an established tree. Nevertheless, we remain in need of the right growth elements to continue healthy growth. For a business, the critical elements are shown below: –

  • Good products and/or service
  • Good staff
  • Good management
  • Good marketing

Whatever stage we are at, we always need to remind ourselves, ‘never give up, just keep feeding the tree’.

David Antrobus Marketing cannot supply all the ingredients above, but we certainly have a proven track record, and huge experience in supplying one of those vital growth elements.

If you would like to talk to us about that vital growth ingredient, then call David Antrobus Marketing today on +44 (0)1925 909 050.

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