Zero activity equals zero results

5th June 2019

Zero activity equals zero results

We all know how life works – Input equals output – Sowing equals reaping, no sowing means no harvest, and no effort equals no results! This priciple applies to us all in our daily life, and it includes every aspect of our business too – including our marketing activity.

Marketing debates often revolve around the buzzword ROI (Return on Investment). We notice here that the word ‘return’ is applied to the word ‘investment’. First there is the investment, then the proportionate return on investment follows. It’s one of the laws of life – first the activity, then the result.

Whatever the trading circumstance or the varying challenges in the business environment, there are always excellent business opportunities available. It’s the hard work of constant activity, and the right activity that enables us to seize those opportunities and to grow our business.

I often see a parallel with marketing and sport, for example you may see a very talented footballer, but notice they lack the real drive and don’t really work hard. Equally, we will notice those who are less talented but have a greater effect on their team through shear hard work. What a revelation when we

get that rare breed that possess both of the attributes – skill and hard work – these are the game changers on the pitch, and consequently, the coveted team players who reach the very top, and deservedly so!

Here we see the marketing parallel – if the talent of a good marketer is synergized with the constant hard work of activity, then success is the inevitable result.

We must be ruthlessly honest with ourselves and almost certainly ditch highly inaccurate statements such as ‘my product is that good it sells itself’. If it does sell itself, then you are very lucky and obviously very successful. For the rest of us, we must take the bull by the horns – get partnered with those who have the talent and get committed to being highly active in the market place – some hard work.

Great success always follows a great worker – even more so when you add in talent and experience!

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