We reap what we sow

18th September 2019

Patience is a virtue

We reap what we sow – if we have the patience to wait until harvest time!

This quickly changing world is rapidly conditioning us to expect everything to be instant. We have access to instant information online, we have instant communication via email and social media, and we can get almost instant meals from fast food chains. All these technology innovations are wonderful advancements, but it can have a negative effect that leads to a push button society that expects everything to be instant. It seems we are no longer comfortable with waiting and have come to expect everything now. How easy it is to become impatient when everything else we desire doesn’t appear instantly.

We can learn a great deal from farmers. First, they prepare the ground – ploughing and carefully cultivating to make the land ready for the seed. Then, the careful sowing of the right seed. Tender care follows – the watering, feeding and nurturing. After these sequential processes comes a critical ingredient – the waiting. Then comes the final result – the harvest. That satisfying moment when the farmer reaps what has been sown. But this moment doesn’t come instantly, it comes in the fullness of time, when the required processes are complete, and the waiting ends.

Patience really is a virtue, and we can be assured that if we keep sowing the right seed, we will reap the appropriate harvest, in due time. Remember, no sowing means no reaping, and no waiting can often lead to walking away before the harvest is ready. This necessary patience often comes from wisdom and experience, knowing that good sowing will always deliver the good harvest, if we wait until the end of the journey.

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