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22nd August 2018

Which way are you looking?

When we are driving we very sensibly keep most of our focus on the journey ahead, rather than on the rear-view mirror. Seeing where we are going is much more important than seeing where we have been. If we spent too much time looking at the rear-view mirror rather than through the windscreen we would soon learn the error of it!

The proportion of the windscreen and mirror sizes clearly show us where most of our focus should be, but of course we need to be aware of our surroundings and the odd glance back will often help that process.

In life and also in business, if we spend too much time looking in the past, reflecting on where we have been, rather than looking forward with a clear focus on where we intend to go, then a loss of direction, or even a crash awaits! A glance to the past, with the intentions of remembering its lessons is good, but any more than a reflective glance and we will soon lose our way on the journey in front of us.

Are you focused on the journey ahead for your life or business? Do you know where you are going?

Good marketing may not be applicable to your journey in life, but it is certainly applicable to growing your business. It’s that all important process of looking forward and then planning your strategy that’s one of the key ingredients that brings success and achievement.

While your competitors may just be looking backwards, take a few moments to consider your journey ahead, and feel free to get in touch with David Antrobus Marketing – we can help with that route to prosperity.

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