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21st June 2018

It’s not just about what we do, but how we do it!

Most business contacts, whether clients or suppliers will know what we do, but not all will know how we do it. What are we like as a company? How do we operate? What are our values?

Business relationships are like all other relationships, they deepen as we get to know each other better. With David’s joy of returning to the helm of David Antrobus Marketing, we have passionately re-installed and re-emphasized our operational methods and values and would therefore like to share some of those inner company workings and values with you – just so that you get to know us a little better.

‘Function’ over ‘position’

David’s many years in ‘so called’ management has made him increasingly uncomfortable with the traditional structure of hierarchy and elevated positions, and much more comfortable with ‘function’ over ‘position’. Everyone has a function in the company, therefore we all are equally valued and respected, and we are each listened too and have an input into the company.

True leadership

What is true leadership? Many hold on to what we believe to be an incorrect view that leadership is about your position or your job title. We, however, very much believe in the reported description that true leadership is about the ability to positively inspire and influence those around you. With that in mind, every member of the company can be a co-equal leader by encouraging and inspiring those who work with them.

Working in the creative industry we find that it is best not to tell staff what to do, but rather explain what the client needs. This releases the designers to be creative, to fully express themselves, rather than being restricted by the traditional approach of ‘instructions from above’. Each has a talent, each is respected, each equally input into the whole team.

These operating values revolve very much more around ‘King Arthur’s round table’ rather than the dictatorial hierarchy often seen today.

Staff welfare

Staff Welfare is a growing topic of conversation today, and how easy it is to produce a ‘staff welfare’ program just to ‘comply’, or to be seen to be right, rather that genuinely caring about those that work with you.

Below are several things that we do within the company – they’re not a mandate, just ideas in case you get inspired to rob any of them:

  • Start the week right – Monday morning can be a drag for many after a nice weekend unwinding, and then having to go straight into full speed at work. So, the company buys a Monday morning breakfast for everyone – bacon and egg baps and the like (other fillings are available!) We eat them together to reflect on the weekend’s activities and to bring the gentle introduction of the week’s work ahead – very popular!
  • Cutting the crumbs – The company provides a free fruit bowl for all to help themselves – it discourages the habit of permenantly snacking on biscuits (not that they are banned – we occasionally weaken to the odd Hobnob or a bit of chocolate by mutual consent!). Healthy staff are happy staff!
  • New client bubbly – Each time we win a contract for a new client, we gather around and have a glass of bubbly together, discuss the new client and have a nice social time together for an hour. Great fun, and a nice time of team bonding.
  • The personal touch – Each member has a plant on their desk and a wall graphic of choice close by if they want one – paid for by the company of course.
  • Frosty starts – During the winter everyone gets a ‘warning text’, when the roads are icy. Some will travel on gritted main roads and can easily forget that when they turn into the country lanes where our office is located that the gritting stops, and treacherous roads arrive abruptly! It’s a caring reminder to everyone to take care!

The above are just some examples of how we work together and how we value each other. What’s equally important is why do we do these things – it’s simply because we care! In between these enjoyable moments everyone is fully switched on and all work extremely hard.

The result

This valued approach delivers great output results and develops an invaluable internal team harmony.

It’s nice to hear people say, “It’s a great company to work for”, but we prefer everyone to feel that they are ‘part of’ the company, rather than ‘working for’ the company. It changes the comment from “It’s a great company to work for” into the preferable comment: “It’s a great company to be part of” 

We very much hope that you now know a little more about us and how we operate within, and we will continue to work hard to earn the additional phrase of being: A great company to do business with”.

Very best wishes,
The David Antrobus Marketing Team

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