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14th March 2018

Gut instinct

We hear the expression ‘gut instinct’ often, but we don’t always stop and consider the depth of this expression.

Animals in general have retained a highly acute instinct – sometimes by detecting scent or sound, other times it’s by pure instinct. They seem to know when they are being watched – they sense when they are in danger or being followed and they know when they are secure and at peace, sufficiently to eat and sleep. Their instinct is a vital part of their decision making process – when to engage ‘fight or flight’.

It’s easy to think that we as humans have lost this instinct, while in part we have lost much of it, we still retain something of our basic instincts to survive and read situations around us.

Our ‘gut instinct’ can be a reliable in-built sense within many of us, and can be very valuable to aid our decision making process also. We can live to regret not listening to this human sensitivity all too often.

It’s good practice for us all to just take a little time out from the hustle and bustle, enjoy a moment of peace and quiet, listen to that small voice within, and take those instincts that we sense within us to the decision making table at the appropriate time.

You may just surprise yourself by how acute and accurate your instincts are!

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