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25th October 2018

Don’t forget the human being in today’s digital age

The current trend of digital marketing is continuing to grow, and most would agree that it provides a number of excellent new avenues to market. There is however a common misunderstanding that digital is the all-encompassing solution to all things. How easy it is to forget the human being!

It’s important to remember that at the end of every marketing exercise there is a human being, whether it’s via digital or traditional methods. These humans come in all sorts of shapes, and sizes, but they are all people.

We may market by digital devices, but we don’t market to digital devices, we market to people.

It’s a person that sees or hears the marketing, a person interprets the marketing, and a person makes that crucial decision whether to respond to the marketing or not. At the end of every marketing journey the exposure comes face-to-face with a human being, and they make the final decision!

Some vital points to keep in mind when planning your marketing: –

  • Data is only a tool
  • Digital is only a route
  • Print is only a route
  • Any visual or sound exposure is only a route
  • People are the destination

So remember, if you want a return on your marketing investment, then appeal to the human being – we are not machines, we are people. If you engage the human, and interact with the human, you may just end up doing business with the human!

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