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18th July 2018

Courage changes everything

We all face challenges at some time in our lives, whether personal or in business.

Although we can make every effort to avoid difficulties we can’t control everything around us, so challenges will always appear in our daily lives. However, what we can control is the way that we deal with them. Courage is the vital ingredient if we are to face up to these challenges and overcome them.

An excellent example of this is clear when we observe the variety of reactions to the start of the 2007 recession. It was interesting to witness the very diverse responses from many business leaders. It became apparent that some panicked, some shrunk into a shell, some stood still and decided to wait until it had passed – they assumed that it would last a year at most. Some however, rose to the challenge, faced it head on, took appropriate action and attacked the market place with vigor.

When the odds are down and what appears to be certain doom is looming on the horizon, it takes a great deal of courage to make the right decision rather than the easy decision.

Remember – ‘Courage changes everything’

What I have learned over years of experience in life and in business is that courage doesn’t just make us feel better, it changes things, and it also inspires those around us to be bold and to have that courage in life too.

If you are facing challenges in life or in business, don’t just accept them, and don’t give in to the obvious or to what seems to be the inevitable; just remember ‘courage changes everything’.

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