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5th September 2017

Video – the fast-growing marketing tool

Successful marketing is normally due to a combination of many different marketing techniques. Every company has a message to tell, but not all the various marketing techniques will appeal to the target audience. Every company has to choose the correct marketing options in order to get the message out there; taking note that it is usually the culmination of several techniques that produce the best results rather than just one method.

One way to let your audience know who you are and what you are about is ‘video’. In recent years video has been at the forefront of marketing, and research shows that it is here to stay. The world’s use of digital media is at an all-time high with 500 million people watching videos daily on Facebook alone. Video creates more interest where ever it’s used as most people seem to prefer, and enjoy visual content – whether it’s a TV advert, a company website or on social media. Video consistently keeps the audience engaged, produces positive results and gains great feedback.

Whether it’s a short infographic or a large advert campaign, content is key. It needs to be professional, punchy, show your character and most importantly get your message across. The videos that generate best results are those that meet the criteria of being ‘fit for purpose’. A TV advert may be a couple of minutes long, but if its intended for social media it needs to be much shorter – don’t waste time and money when the message can be made clear within 20 seconds. This principle of ‘short and sweet’ needs to be fully considered when preparing for all types of video content.

Video leaves a lasting impact, companies need to take a good look at how video can be used to promote their message help grow their business.

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