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15th February 2017

Integrated marketing – a recipe for success

Most of us appreciate a high quality meal, particularly if it’s created and prepared by a great Chef! We understand of course, that this great meal will consist of many ingredients expertly blended together to create this culinary masterpiece. The careful selection of food types, along with the delicate introduction of various spices and seasoning is the core basis for the perfect result. Very rarely is it just one food type, or just one seasoning that creates this succulent meal; it is the expertise of integrating many elements that harmonise into one glorious meal. This of course does not happen overnight; it is through painstaking trial and error, much hard work, and sometimes a little luck as well!

The knowledge of the top Chefs however can short cut the time process to a great meal, due to their extensive level of experience.

How does this relate to Integrated Marketing we may ask. Actually, the process of good marketing is identical. It is very rare that just one marketing activity, or just one marketing exposure creates the desired result: it is the carefully selected combination of multiple marketing ingredients, strategically integrated into a sustained campaign, that creates the marketing masterpiece that leaves a good flavour for all concerned. High levels of response from our marketing investment tastes good indeed, for both the marketer and hungry client.

There is another similarity too! Just as the Chef grows in experience and knowledge, and can advise the newer Chefs accordingly; so the highly experienced marketer can shortcut many marketing processes, saving a considerable amount of time, and a great deal of money.

Integrated Marketing is a true recipe for success. David Antrobus Marketing can help you to plan your new marketing menu, and get the starter course underway!

To serve up a culinary delight of integrated marketing courses, and get the perfect client response, call David Antrobus today on +44 (0)1925 909 050.

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