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28th July 2016

The proven principle – ‘the three rights’

There are many different opinions about choosing the right marketing options, particularly with the advent of so many new digital marketing techniques. The most common question to a marketing consultant is usually ‘How do I achieve the best return on my investment?’

We believe the answer, and the most potent principle in marketing involves a process known as ‘The three Rights’:

  1. Right message
  2. Right person
  3. Right time

Despite the many changes in the digital age, the most consistently proven marketing results today come from activity clearly based on this principle.

The Right Message
With the ‘right message’ it’s about making sure the content (your words and tone) are appropriate for the type of product or service you’re selling, so that your message will have a clear impact on the people you’re targeting. Remember, even the visual design of your marketing can either enhance or diminish your message!

The Right Person
Of course this implies that you know who those people are – that you have identified the ‘right person’. If you know your product, hopefully developed with either market research or market knowledge, you will indeed know exactly who is likely to buy your product or service. Targeted marketing is clearly more effective, but there are many instances where that may not be possible and a broader approach may be required. Careful thought and planning however can still help in your process.

The Right Time
‘Don’t try to sell Easter Eggs at Christmas!’ For many products and services,
like Easter Eggs, the timing can be very obvious, providing you take into account the season, holidays and current events. There are many other products where it is simply impossible to know exactly when the moment is right – will people choose to buy their new TV, computer or three-piece suite in time for Christmas? or will it simply be down to when their old one breaks down or falls apart?

For products and services like these, the only answer is consistent messaging, placed regularly in front of relevant audiences. It’s the so called ‘drip-feed’ of marketing – ensuring that your company, your brand and your products are clearly in your customer’s consciousness – so that when that decision moment comes, you are the name that comes to mind. Remember ‘It’s the dripping tap that fills the bowl.’

It’s not just about consumer products either – if it’s a new piece of machinery, the right timing might be about the customer’s financial year, procurement cycle, or again, a breakdown which is the trigger to buy.

That’s where the help of a marketing professional is invaluable.

The experience and expertise David Antrobus Marketing can offer means you can add an extra dimension to your own market knowledge. As strategists, they will act as your ‘critical friend’, challenging you to think broadly and suggesting which of the multi-channelled media of today will work for you – to whom, and when. Their reputation is built on providing sound advice, creative and dynamic solutions and above all, Return on Investment.

So if you’d like a free ‘check-up’ call David Antrobus on +44 (0)1925 909 050.

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