Growing your business

20th May 2016

Growing your business

The sun has finally started to make a tentative return to the sky and buds are beginning to appear on the trees: the growing season has officially begun!

But can the same be said of your business? Remember, there’s no such thing as standing still – if your business isn’t growing, then you’re probably going backwards.

Taking stock
At this time of year it’s often good to take stock and look at a variety of approaches:
growth isn’t just about new clients.

The secure roots of your business are often your existing clients: they know and trust you already, but have you taken the time to explore if they are using as many of your products and services as they could be?

Building on thriving relationships
Because you already have a relationship, they will take far less ‘cultivation’ than looking for new customers – and it’s also a win:win because helping their business to thrive will strengthen your relationship and secure business in the future.

In addition, could you expand your product range? If there are additional complimentary products or services you could be offering, it means you haven’t got all your eggs in one basket. A garden centre isn’t only going to stock red rose bushes – they want to offer plants of all shapes and sizes and a variety of colours and scents appropriate for different people and occasions to ensure their customerskeep coming back.

Preparing the ground
And when you decide the time is right to seek out new clients, preparing the ground is also key – and in a marketing context, that means having an appropriate database of people you want to contact, a well-thought through consistent brand which encapsulates your company ethos, and ‘foundation pieces’ – brochure, website which clearly position your products and underline their USPs – the things that make them stand out over those of competitors.

Then as you would feed and water your precious plants, you have to do the same with your marketing activity: advertising, social media, networking, trade shows and strategic alliances could all be part of the mix to ‘fertilise’ your growth.

Of course, good advice is essential at all stages of the process – you need to know what type of ground is best and the conditions which will make your particular business thrive.

Getting the right advice
With years of experience, David Antrobus can offer practical, hands on advice to address the key questions:

  • Am I reaching the right person/sector?
  • What is my message?
  • Do I concentrate on one technique or do I choose multiple methods?
  • Can I handle the response rate?
  • Do I have the resources to follow up enquiries?
  • What is the best call to action?
  • How can I monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign?

We can help encourage those green shoots of your business growth by helping you
decide what’s right for you.

It’s Spring, how much would you like to grow?

To discuss your growing business call David Antrobus Marketing today on +44 (0)1925 909 050. 

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