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25th May 2016

Building the right foundations

Before you get everyone looking at you, make sure what they will be looking at is right!

We all know the importance of first impressions. If you are lucky enough to get an interview for that plum job you’ve been after for years, you won’t be leaving anything to chance.

You wouldn’t dream of turning up in a scruffy outfit with scuffed shoes and sagging hems, arriving 10 minutes late because you didn’t check out the location in advance.

Just the opposite: you’ll want to look neat and smart, arrive ahead of time and be prepared to answer any question the employer can ask, based on your research into the organisation and your carefully thought through strategy of how that makes you the right person for the job.

A good marketing strategy is no different: if you are going to reap the rewards from your marketing activity, you have to make sure you have built the right foundations.

Often, even experienced businesses rush to announce a new product or service without taking the time to review those key elements which are needed to follow up and capitalise on interest stimulated by a marketing campaign.

So what are the building blocks that add up to firm foundations?
First of all there’s your company literature – corporate and product brochures – and what is effectively your corporate brochure online: your website.

If a potential client hears about you, the chances are that the first thing they will do is check you out online.

They want to see if your website quality, tone and appearance reflects your brand – and the industry sector you are in. If you are launching a state-of-the-art product, but your website hasn’t changed in six years (and still has the tell-tale © 2010 at the bottom), it will hardly enhance your credibility.

A picture paints a thousand words
Photography is vital too, and can easily look dated. But it’s not just the appearance you have to think about, you also need to review the content. If you have testimonials or case studies, they need to be up-to-date, and the blog that just ran for three months in 2012, simply says you have nothing new to talk about.

All your printed material also needs to match: even if it is simply made up of pdfs for people to view on screen or run out for themselves, it still needs to reflect the website in terms of style and quality.

Little things
Foundations, by definition, also include some real basics: stationery such as letterheads, invoices and compliments slips all help to set the tone.  And that little square of cardboard or plastic that is the business card can say a huge amount… ‘Oh, that’s the old phone number, so I’ve just written my new one on the back,’ does not inspire confidence!

In addition, there is also social media. Because many of us use Facebook, Twitter etc in our private lives, it’s important to remember that we may want a different tone when we are using these ‘channels’ in a business context. Again, consistency is key, as you need the same ‘voice’ across all of these items.

At David Antrobus we have the skills and experience to make sure you have the right foundations – which match your brand, and ensure you will be able to capitalise on any routes to market that you invest in.

We’ll help make sure that your first impression is the right, and lasting impression.

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