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12th Aug 2015

The need for honesty and integrity

Senior marketers have recently been discussing the question “What do we look for most when appointing a Marketing Agency?”

Within the entire industry, it is accepted that creativity, innovation and a proven track record are the standards that agencies are judged by. Most agencies would be aware of those requirements and would therefore claim all three in their pitch, either legitimately or otherwise.

What will be surprising to some agencies is that, despite the fact that those capabilities are a mandate for successful marketing, neither of those three were the top answer. The need for honesty and integrity in a marketing agency was looked for most in the pursuit of appointing a new agency. Marketers expressed that it is fundamental to be able to trust the agency that they are working with.

It was also agreed that there needs to be honesty from the client side as well. It is very easy for in-house marketers to blame the agency for late or non-delivery. or for wrongly designed work. It can often be discovered later that the agency was either poorly briefed, a wrong deadline provided or no deadline at all, and in some instances no brief was even passed on to the agency.

The comment to agencies is that they should be honest in their dealings with their clients, and in particular, to be honest about their strengths and weaknesses. No one person is expert in all things, and agencies need to employ specialist skills to plug those gaps, or refer that part of the business to those more qualified.

Falsely claiming experience and knowledge is one of the key aspects of dishonesty that will eventually expose the agency’s poor integrity standards. The more honest an agency can be about their capabilities, the better the client relationship will develop and flourish.

From the onset of David Antrobus Marketing, the firm stance on Integrity has been the foundation of the company’s success, and long term relationships with clients. The ethos is printed on all of the company literature – ‘Integrity, Passion, Success’. It stands that ‘Integrity’ is the first word in the statement, and the first consideration in all the company procedures.

This feedback from the Industry is of great value to those agencies who have lacked or underestimated the value of honesty. All agencies would be wise to consider these critical comments, if they are to succeed in this challenging and very demanding Marketing Industry.

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