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16th January 2017

Getting new business – ‘self service’ or ‘waiter service’

Most of us enjoy good food, and even more so when it’s ‘served to us on a plate’.

It’s our human nature to enjoy being ‘waited on’ rather than enduring the ‘Self Service’ environment.

This scenario is very reminiscent of the huge change in the business trading circumstances over the past 10 years.

During the ‘boom years’ most companies enjoyed a continual stream of new business, plus hansom profits, just as we enjoy good food.

Even better, we were ‘waited on’ very handsomely and this new business was indeed ‘served on a plate’.

What has this to do with my marketing strategy we may ask? Well, it has a profound effect. The marketing strategies that were employed during those boom years reflected that prosperous environment. As long as there was a good awareness of a company’s relevant products or service, the abundance of work, and new business was served directly to us with ease.

How times have changed!

In today’s environment all has been reversed so quickly. No longer is our new business ‘served on a plate’; it is very much a ‘Self Service’ situation. In a nutshell, if you don’t go and get your food you simply don’t eat.

A whole new marketing strategy is required for this current trading environment. Both our understanding and our thinking needs to change if we are to successfully adapt our marketing.

Companies now have to go out and fight for the all-important ‘new business’. It has without doubt become a ‘Self Service’ market – if companies don’t actively go out and generate new business, they simply won’t get it.

With rare exceptions, most of us would now clearly agree that new business no longer comes by ‘waiter service’; it requires a revised, clearly defined and effective marketing strategy to achieve that new business growth.

One of the keys to successful marketing is to always understand the changing environment that we are trading in and to make sure that we continually evolve and amend our marketing strategy accordingly.

Good business, and new business is still out there and available to all. Furthermore, that available business is set to increase – we simply have to be smart and know how to adapt our marketing strategy to enable us to reach out and achieve this new business growth. It’s time to make those necessary changes to our marketing strategy, and go out and fill our plates!

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