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21st July 2017

Delivering an effective digital marketing strategy

Why use digital marketing?
The world is changing fast. It’s becoming infused with digital content and companies are branching out into digital marketing to stay relevant. It’s no longer just the younger audiences that digital marketing is becoming available to, and presents endless amounts of benefits; it reaches all ages: primarily because it’s direct, cost effective and if used correctly can meet a wider audience than any other form of marketing.

There’s no question that digital marketing captures an audience, whether it’s via social media, video, online advertising, email marketing or specialist mobile phone marketing etc. it’s sure to make an impact. Smart phones are everywhere, and digital content is widely available, so much so that over 30% of the time spent online today is used watching video.

The holistic approach
Digital marketing is a great way to get your name out there and gain publicity but it works best when partnered with traditional marketing. The synergy of both traditional and digital marketing greatly enhances the effect and hence the return on investment. All marketing activities go hand in hand, as demonstrated by recent facts – “more paper books are being sold in the last years compared to digital – people are leaning more to traditional things”. We are seeing society gaining a good balance between digital and traditional, and good marketing will naturally follow this  trend. In summary; it’s the holistic approach that really presents full value.

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