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9th February 2016

Connecting the dots – why the ‘managed service provider’ makes sense

When times are tough, one of the first budgets to come under intense scrutiny is marketing: people look for ways of trying to get more for their money, and often,
that means doing more themselves, rather than going through a marketing agency.

The internet is a ready source of all manner of products and services, so surely they
will be able to make savings on everything from printing their brochure to buying exhibition space?

Follow that through and you will see companies using up to five or six different suppliers: sending their design, copywriting/messaging, print, website production, social media, exhibitions etc, all to different companies, each of whom claims a speciality in their field, but the truth is, often they are not marketers!

But does it matter?

Fragmented Versus Cohesive
Evidence suggests that it does: because what results is fragmented, scattergun marketing activity that loses its message and lacks consistency and effectiveness.

And not only that, the people commissioning this work have spent valuable time and effort to gain this lesser effect, so it’s lose: lose.

A professional marketing company recognises that you know your business, inside out, and will use its expertise to ensure that all the elements of your marketing activity work together cohesively to further your business goals. They will act as your ‘critical friend’ to establish the strategy and key messages – and then will help ensure you stay on track.

Managed Service Provider
If you then commission your professional marketing company to work with you as a ‘Managed Service Provider’ this simply means that they will organise all these services and products on your behalf: you’ll always have the final say, but part of their job will be looking out for that consistency and cohesiveness on everything from the overall strategy to the use of your logo.

It’s true, it might be slightly more expensive than buying direct – although there are occasions where they actually have greater purchasing power because they have many clients and long-standing relationships with quality service providers.

Hidden costs of ‘do-it-yourself’
But a key benefit is that you’ll do away with the hidden costs in terms of your time spent trying to find that elusive bargain, which would probably wipe out any saving you could make anyway.  And more importantly, you can be sure that your money is being spent effectively.

A professional marketing company will also keep up with all the latest trends in the fast moving world of new technology, digital and social media… so you don’t have to.

The key to successful marketing initiatives
In essence, a marketing company working as a ‘Managed Service Provider’ can deliver a powerful, effective marketing strategy that is cohesive, and correctly delivers your brand values and messaging, consistently! And this is the key to all successful marketing initiatives.

At David Antrobus Marketing, we’re a highly experienced Managed Service Provider, delivering proven traditional and digital results across many business sectors. Let us help you connect the dots.

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